“We at Grace Baptist Church, being led of the Holy Spirit; seek to win the lost, disciple them in obedience to Jesus Christ, baptize them into the fellowship of our church; and to help them to grow in grace, knowledge, wisdom and favor with God, and to become faithful stewards of Jesus Christ.”


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GBC is excited to announce that it has formed WA Troop 9400 for Trail Life for boys! We will begin taking registration and fees this coming July and the Troop will begin meeting in September! Watch this page for more information on dates, times, and costs.

The Troop will be for boys only ages kindergarten through 5th grades.

More than ever boys need a uniquely masculine program where their assertive, audacious, and adventurous nature is celebrated not sequestered.

Discussions about “toxic masculinity,” a blurring of gender lines, an education system that favors female learning styles, fewer and fewer fathers in the home, and the watering down or extinction of programs that train and equip boys to become men have left boys frustrated, fearful, and floundering in a sea of confusion about what it means to be a man.