“We at Grace Baptist Church, being led of the Holy Spirit; seek to win the lost, disciple them in obedience to Jesus Christ, baptize them into the fellowship of our church; and to help them to grow in grace, knowledge, wisdom and favor with God, and to become faithful stewards of Jesus Christ.”


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Men’s Ministry…

While some things do change, other things that matter remain the same. God is the same today, yesterday, and as he always has been. While our world and we change, God never does and that is the biblical truth all godly men throughout the ages have recognized and clung to.

Men’s Breakfast Fellowship every month,. We have special guest speakers, devotions, and plan activities to develop men for ministry and missions.

GBC sponsors a yearly Men’s Retreat where the men of the church are invited to get away for relaxation, discipleship, and to gain strength and comradeship with one another and their Lord.

GBC has been a part of the local community for over 60 years ministering to families. Men and women face differing problems and concerns today. However as As iron sharpens iron, our men fellowship together to “sharpen” one another in spiritual truths. In celebrating Jesus in our community, the men at GBC seek to mature in their faith and their potential with God. Come and discover the wonder of the Word of God with us!

GBC knows we live in a different world than our grandfather or father lived in and that is why we focus on the biblical basics of what it means to have a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ.