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Grace Baptist Church, 9400 NE 50th Avenue, Vancouver, WA 98665 360-574-3242

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How is your family? Families, like children, come in all shapes and sizes. From being just one to having lots of siblings.

Our church is like a family because we view church as not only a place to worship and serve God, but it is also about people.

Many churches say they are “family”, but you are soon forgotten after you leave. GBC is different because you feel like you have come home.

Each person at GBC truly knows they are part of a family when they come. Why not “come home” this Sunday and join us for Worship and Bible Study?

Who we are...

GBC’s statement of faith.

GBC’s Membership Manual.

GBC’s How to join form.

GBC’s Spiritual Gifts. Survey.

GBC’s gift’s Worksheet.

Bible Studies

GBC offers a full range of Bible Studies for all ages...

Men’s Ministries

GBC has an active men’s ministry that focuses on mentoring…

Youth Ministry

GBC is a wonderful place for young people...

Children’s Ministries

Women’s Ministry

Are you as a woman looking to grow in your faith? Then we have place for you to do so!

More info

More info

More info

More info

We are interested in you...

Are you looking for a church home that actually feels like “home” when you come? Then we think GBC will be just the place for you and your family!

Sit back, take some time looking at our web site, and then come on and visit with us, we think you will soon be a part of our family too!

GBC is interested in your whether you are a large family or just one member! Why not come and visit with us this coming Sunday?

GBC has age-appropriate and Bible-based ministries for your children...

More info

Come and view past VBSes at the following YouTube locations!

2013 or 2012

2014 agency D3 VBS!
Photos! /gbcvancouver